Rebel Session # 5 – Best Pictures

After a one-day break on Wednesday the Rebel Sessions media crew and the Cape Town big wave surfer’s whose sessions they are documenting were back in action for Rebel Session five at Kommetjie's outer reefs today, Thursday 29th September.

The swell and weather charts for Tuesday and Thursday looked fairly similar but the conditions and waves that arrived on each day were completely different; Tuesday’s menu was sun kissed smooth swells which came ahead of schedule while Thursdays fair consisted more of lumpy behemoths in overcast conditions that arrived as per forecast. Thankfully the local chargers aren’t fussy as long as it’s big and they gobbled up everything the ocean threw at them.

As the sun raised none of the Capes big wave breaks were looking epic and the day began with a flurry of phone calls and lots of driving up and down to check and recheck on the fickle wind and slow but growing swell.

Eventually it was the dedicated duo of Andy Mar and Simon Lowe who broke the deadlock and paddled out to Kommetjie’s outer reefs much to the relief of the Rebel Sessions media crew who had been floating around looking for something to shoot since just early morning.

From there on it was open season as the usual suspects joined the lineup and the swell continued to build. In the end Rebel Session five was almost as much about spectacular wipeouts as about awesome rides with the wind switching from cross shore to side shore and back again the bumpy conditions testing the surfers skills to the max. Jeremy Johnson, the ever-entertaining “Mad” Mike Baletta and James Taylor all had notable wipeouts.

The Rebel Sessions seeks to recognize and reward the best surfers riding the giant waves off Cape Towns coast every winter with awards totaling R110 00,00 in prize money. The Rebel Sessions runs from 15th July till 22 October 2011.

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