It’s spring in the deep south…

...the flowers are blooming the birds are singing and Dungeons is flat, well it is today at least.
Over the past couple of weeks there have been some promising storms on the synoptic charts but the swells failed to materialize here in the deep south, wrapping in up the east and west coast of the continent instead. When the local big wave crew watching the charts realized that the swell wasn't going to hit us many hastily fueled up their cars or jumped on planes and headed for greener pastures while those who stayed behind had to make do with some lumpy, broken up surf.
Local big wave charger Frank Solomon who's currently ranked in the top ten on the Big Wave World Tour was the lone taker for a paddle session at Dungeons on Monday and wrote on his Facebook page "Surfed dungeons on my own yesterday! Only got one wave but got to love the paddle in and out!"
The paddle out he's referring to starts with a treacherous and tedious hike over and down the mountain, followed by a dodgy and dangerous jump into a gnarly shore-break smashing onto jagged rocks. Following this the intrepid surfer faces a long, energy sapping paddle through heaving waves with only the seals for company. Well one hopes the seals are the only company, they are a sharks favorite food! Obviously you reverse the process to get home again, hopefully in one piece! Big wave surfing is not for sissy's, especially not in the deep south.
Spring time or not the Rebel Sessions aren't over yet and the unpredictable Cape of Storms could still throw some monster swells our way, and if it happens you can be sure Frank and the Rebel crew will be there!

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