Rebel Sessions is Rebel Media’s way of recognizing and rewarding the fearless big wave chargers of Cape Town (and the world) who test their limits in the heaving surf at Dungeons every winter when the fierce south Atlantic storms bring her to life.

First run in 2011 and then again in 2016, Rebel Sessions has evolved over time. In response to feedback from the local big wave crew the 2017 Rebel Session will take the form of a one-day photo and video invite surf-session for 20 local and 5 international surfers rolex yacht master replica, with a waiting period from July 18th until October 31st 2017.

Once the day’s carnage is over, invited surfers will cast their votes while a team of judges, headed by renowned local big wave champ Ian Armstrong, review the footage and photos before rewarding the standout chargers of the day.

Prizemoney will be awarded in 4 Categories:


Dedication: Waterman award - R50 000

In response to the local big wave surfers’ input this year, it has been decided that there needs to be recognition for consistency across the days’ surfing as opposed to just rewarding the surfer who is lucky enough to catch the stand out wave of the day.
This award is for the surfer who works hardest, throws themselves at everything, rides with skill and dominates the session.

Inspiration: Biggest Paddle wave - R25 000

This award speaks for itself. Big wave surfing is about big waves.
The surfer with the patience and positioning to score the “wave of the day” and back this up with the skill to ride it clearly deserves recognition.

Motivation: Rookie - R15 000

Standing in the shadows, just out of the lime light are a frothing bunch of nobodies just waiting to be named.
This award is for the little-known surfer who steps up, and stands out in the Session.

Consequences: Worst Wipe out - R10 000

Nobody really wants this, but if you’re pushing it, you might just win it anyway!
You never know unless you go...