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The second of the Rebel Sessions days was called at the Dungeons, Hout Bay on Sunday in the biggest swell to hit Cape Town this winter.

On a cold, wet and blustery Sunday the big wave surfers of Cape Town congregated at the Hout Bay harbor to launch their wave runners and head out for what turned out to be an epic day of big wave surfing with a couple of rides eligible for a share of the R110 000 rebel Sessions prize money.
Having been disappointed by a swell that never reached its predicted size last weekend the eight tow in crews who took to the water this weekend weren’t going to let the wind, rain or freezing water keep them from the huge swells that were unloading at the Dungeons, and as the crews started buzzing around the backline it became clear that this was going to be a special day of surfing.

As the morning progressed the all local crews had wave after wave and cheered each other on with a great sense of camaraderie in the water as everyone shared in Neptune’s bounty. In the middle of the day South African big wave legend Grant “Twiggy” Baker arrived with visiting Hawaiian charger, Ian Walsh and decided to try paddle surf the waves but after five guys had tried for about an hour with only two waves ridden the guys swopped back onto their tow boards and the wave festival continued.
The weather was cold and miserable with intermittent rain squalls and a blustery wind but the surf kept growing throughout the day and it was only when the light began to fade and that the last couple of guys out there were forced to call it a day and head back to the harbor to thaw out.

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