100 days – 100k

The 100 day waiting period of the underground Big Wave event Rebel Sessions starts in less than a week and includes a few of Cape Town's gnarliest deep water Big Wave reefs.

At the end of the waiting period prizes will be awarded in various categories. Unlike traditional contests, the goal is not to stir up hype over a one-day event, but instead, to showcase Africa's mystical-gnarly waves and the community of men & women who's lives revolves around them.


  • R40,000 for the Best Surfed Big Wave paddled into.
  • R30,000 for the Biggest Surfed Wave paddled into.
  • R10,000 for the Best Tow-In Wave.
  • R10,000 for the Best Rookie Performance.
  • R10,000 for the Worst Wipe Out.

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