Rebelsessions through the lens: Neil Webster

Everybody who knows Neil Webster has a story about him, this is mine.
It was 1996 and The Crayfish Factory was as big and gnarly as it gets. He wasn’t sure if anyone had shot it from the water before (or if it was even possible) but Webster had decided to have a go.
Armed with an ancient bodyboard, a 35mm film camera and a water housing that was roughly the size of a small television set, he headed out to make some magic.
It didn’t end well.
He survived the marathon paddle out to the backline, but Webster was quickly pitched on a monster, connecting the front port of his television set…..with his nose.
I don't know how he actually made it back to his car….but he had to go get his nose stitched back onto his face.
Amazingly enough, that didn’t put him off and over the next 10 years Neil became the single most important documenter of surfing at Dungeons. His movies “Dungeons Keepers” and "Perfect 10" were the result of 10 years of documenting the Red Bull Big Wave Africa and remain seminal pieces of South Africa’s surfing heritage. Neil is shooting the interviews and as well as the surfing footage this years Rebel Sessions documentary.


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