Stairway to Heaven: Webisode

The sun rose like a red diamond over a watery field of dreams. Men and women from all over South Africa converged at Africa’s most infamous reef, either to ride the waves or merely to observe the grand spectacle of nature.

The day began slowly. At first it was just 12-15ft waves that were toppling over onto the rocky boils, but as the day wore on, 18-20ft sets were standing tall on the furthest parts of the reef. An eclectic mix of surfers clawed themselves over the lurching ledges.

6 boards and several leashes were snapped. Inflation vests were deployed and the safety skis were run ragged. Time and again the jetski pilots plunged headlong into the carnage of white water to rescue surfers from the dragons jaws. “I’m just glad there weren't any fatalities” said one of the ski drivers at the end of the day.

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