Sunday, bloody, Sunday

Rebelsessions 7 August 2016
On Sunday morning the fierce-tall waters returned once more to the little bay of Kommetjie. The first guys paddled out in the dark and had ridden several waves before the sun even rose. The line-up was unusually crowed due to the fact that there hadn’t been a big swell in a while, but mostly because it was a long weekend.
The biggest wave of the day was ridden by hard-man Jem Johnson who got a monster right off the back. It was only his second surf since nearly drowning 2 months ago. The elder statesmen consisting of guys like Mike Schlebach, Mickey Duffs, Jake Kolnick and Andy Marr continued to draw their beautiful lines and put their giant boards on a rail.
The younger crew also charged. Notable was 19 year old Tim Coles two wave hold down that was followed by a second beating that snapped his 10ft board. It was a landmark day too for 16 year old Ford Van Jaarsveld who rode his first ever big waves under the guidance of the older crew. Matric student Fabian Campagnolo got what boat skipper Steve Benjamin called “the most impressive ride they saw that day” with a steep late drop into a warping bowl.

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