Rebel Sessions 2017 is green to go!

Rebel Sessions 2017 is green to go!

With the swell forecast for Dungeons having increased over the last two days the green light has been given for Rebel Sessions 2017 to hit the water first thing tomorrow morning.

The big long period swell that the crew have been eagerly tracking is forecast to hit Cape Town from around 12am, Monday 23rd and should deliver 20 foot plus surf throughout the day.

Photo @kim_bouc

A final call will still have to be made when the crew can access conditions at first light with the main concern being a predicted light and variable onshore wind but, as long as this stays within the forecast range Dungeons should be firing.

This week is going to be a crazy week for big wave surfing globally with huge swell forecast for Europe and the States meaning that many of the invitees are unavailable for the Session. As Trevor Carlson explains, “I really wish I could have made it but the Big Wave Tour put us on alert for the Nazare event the same afternoon you emailed us then call it off this afternoon and now put the Jaws comp on alert for next week ... funny how things work, Mavs is on fire today, Nazare tomorrow, S.A. Monday and Hawaii next week!

When it rains it pours. Hope the weather cooperates for you and everyone scores in S.A.!”

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